Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Ten Wobbly New Year’s Resolutions

By Agoge

1. Be relevant.

2. Be an organizer. Never stop trying to learn what that truly means.

3. Be active in a serious campaign. Always.

4. Be social: Get off Facebook.

5. Be a trainer, writer, “GRIL”er, coordinator, protestor… less. Communicate and

interact with, and be accountable to, an actual shop floor… more.

6. Be a mentor embedded in active trenches, not a teacher with a red card and red


7. Be a mentee that is goal oriented. Connect with a mentor and start small and


8. Be more efficient and selective with priorities and resources. Evaluate, reflect,

and reassess methods with an organizing partner and/or committee.

9. Be a higher bar and expect it from everyone going forward.

10. Be a fighter not a member.

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